Famous Dave’s Beloved Mascot Wilbur is making a difference!

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Wilbur took a trip to Childrens Hospital in Denver Colorado over the weekend and met a very special new friend. Wilbur could not wait to announce his new friendship with a beautiful 4 year old girl named Taylor. Taylor has touched the heart of not only Wilbur, but the entire Famous Dave’s family.  Please see the story below written by Taylor’s family and visit the link to learn more about Taylor and her touching story.  taylor-2

Ok, so take one look at this picture and try not to fall in love.  I dare you.  And this isn’t anything compared to the sweetness that followed when she woke up.  She was so happy that Wilbur and his entire family came to stay.

I met Marlon down at the main entrance along with his beautiful daughter.  They brought SIX “Wilburs” and a baby “Wilbur”.  Not only that but they brought us dinner.  We got to have the oh so wonderful Famous Daves for dinner – bbq’d goodness from the meats to the potato salad to the bbq beans to caramel and vanilla bread pudding.  And not only THAT but Tay has been talking about “shredded bbq” for the past 3 or so days and there it was in the bag for her.

This was from the Thornton, CO Famous Dave’s and I understand that the owner also owns the others here in the Denver area as well as the one in Colorado Springs.  If you’re in the area, stop by and please join us in thanking them for having such a big heart and for having such incredibly sweet and caring employees.  Marlon came down here on his own time all the while telling me iwilbur-and-taylor-at-childrens-hospitalt was the least he could do.

Bless you all that made this happen – Jean, Mike, Marlon, and anyone else who worked on this to make it happen.  You made this little princess’ night, you helped her forget about this nightmare she’s been enduring.  and I thank you for that.  Right now she’s laying in bed with the entire “family” and is just as happy as can be.  Being her momma and being able to cry happy tears for the first time in two weeks is so very welcomed.  Thank you.

This is Tay and Wilbur.  I just spoke with him on the phone and his true name is Marlon.  He remembered Tay from Sunday down to her sucking her thumb the entire time.  What a nice man.  He will be driving down here tonight after he gets off work to hand deliver the new Wilbur.

If you have a Famous Dave’s in your area please give them a visit.  We have always loved their bar-b-que goodness and now have even a better reason to go.

There seems to be so much bad in the world but today’s events are reassurance that there is so much more good.

To learn more about Taylor and follow her story please click here

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  1. Cindy

    Wow what an unbelievable story and an even more adorable picture. Famous Dave’s has always been my favorite and this just reassures why. Way to go Wilbur! Good luck Taylor, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

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    Oh I want one I want one!

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